Geo Healing Arts workshops empower people to harness their own innate energies to further their healing and personal growth. Our workshops on clearing and healing focus on centering energies, using simple tools and techniques accessible to all. Classes are offered for self-healing and healing arts practitioners. Contact us if you would like a workshop near you.


Transformation foR the New Year workshop

Winter is the season to go within and reflect on our lives. Where does your creative spark want to take you? When we resonate with our desires, we can ground those energies into manifestation. This two-hour workshop will show you how to align to your ideal path forward during this season of
planning and creation. Gentle exercises, guided meditation, and group healing will support your spark. All are welcome! 

Saturday, January 28th 1PM – 3PM


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Throw it Away! Releasing Your Blockages workshop series

Join us for a special therapeutic workshop series to recognize energetic blockages that hold you back. Learn how to use techniques that you can apply instantly in daily life to transmute and dissolve these blockages.
Each workshop culminates in a 15-minute Geo Healing Arts treatment session to create an energetic field to support your transformation.

Wednesday, January 24TH: Physical Blocks
Wednesday, January 31TH: Emotional Blocks
Wednesday, February 7TH: Mental Blocks
Wednesday, February 21TH: Karmic Blocks



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Space Clearing Mentorship Program

In this mentorship, you will learn how to detect disharmonious energies and to counter-balance their effects in order to nourish and protect your living and work spaces. These techniques will include in-person and distance work. This mentorship will be three Friday evening to Saturday evening sessions. Some additional practice time, including a case study, is required. 

Day 1: The Energetics of Space
Day 2: Nourishing and Centering Spaces
Day 3: Clearing Spaces
Day 4: Energetic Protection - Distance Work
Day 5: Bringing it all Together Practical Exercise - Review of case studies